The reason we recommend MARINE COLLAGEN for you.

Recently, "Collagen" is picked up on TV or in magazines.
The name of "Collagen" has become public knowledge as the essential for beauty and health.
But actually, what is COLLAGEN? What work COLLAGEN does?

Collagen is requisite for our body and has so many different kinds.
We wish to introduce the collagen's effectiveness, especially MARINE COLLAGEN which is watched among others in this page.


Collagen is the most important item to keep young and healthy body in our life.
Now, you can see so many kinds of collagen products in shops, the fact those collagens come in a variety of types.

In the past, the mainstream is the animal collagen like beef, pork and/or chicken.
But a lot of doubt is coming out about the safety occurs in connection with mad cow disease and other infections disease in these years.
In such circumstances, MARINE COLLAGEN extracted from fishes has been recognized as the safety collagen and far from the infections disease.

Easy and fast to digest and absorb

The fish collagen have a low hydroxyproline contents and denaturation temperature.
So fish collagen is much excellent in digestion and absorption compared with beef and pork collagen.

<The comparison between denaturation temperature and BT>
Scale 8.5 C
animals 40.1 C
Fish skin 30.3 C
BT 37 C

No smells

Animal collagen is odoriferous above 3% concentration, but MARINE COLLAGEN is smell-less even in about 10% concentration.
So that it enable us to make collagen water solution of high concentration which have good digestion and absorption.

Fat free

Animal collagen made by beef and/or pork skin are very hard to remove Calcium and fatty ingredients.
But MARINE COLLAGEN has no Calcium nor fatty ingredients, so that the people on diet or high blood pressure has no need to worry about to take.


It is more effective for your body to take with something foods together than single in-take.


Over-taken collagen won't be stored in the body if you take too much. It comes out through urine and sweat as a nitrogen resolution without accumulating in body.

PerleALPHA marine collagen works

Collagen is the important protein to connect each cell in the body, and its amount is one third of the protein in the body.
Each Collagen has different workings according to where they are.
But it is common to all collagen which is indispensable to anti-aging and health wherever it stays in the body.
Our young skin and healthy body can be maintained by the active collagen's works.

Skin and Collagen

Skin is organized with epidermises, corium and fat under the skin.
The main body of skin is corium, and collagen amount for about 71% of corium.
Collagen encourage to regenerate the fresh skin and to keep skin moisturized.

Bones and collagen

Collagen stay not only skin but also cartilage of the joint like cushion.
If not enough collagen, Cartilage reduce by the burden of lower back and knee and gives you pain and troubles.
Without such a cushion, the bones will hit each other and wear away.


Collagen is doing important factions in our body for prevention against and improvement in aging of hair, eyestrain, and osteoporosis etc.

Collagen has the important role as the source of health in our body but the amount of collagen is getting decrease by aging gradually.
Decreasing of collagen and atrophying of metabolism in the body cause you set off many skin troubles as spots, wrinkles and sags, and weakening of bones and joint pain.
Keeping off these cases, it is necessary for you to take fresh collagen daily basis to improve metabolism of collagen.


Collagen consists by amino acid that is essential item to generate protein in the body.
All proteins in human's body are composed by 20 kinds of amino acid.
MARINE COLLAGEN has the same 20 kinds of amino acid as the body and following 5 effects expected.

Regeneration of skin

Actions by Prolin, Sysnin and Arginine.
  • To adjust the amount of moisture and oil of skin.
  • To prevent overproduction of melanin.
  • To decrease active oxygen. (preventing from skin cancer and spots)


Actions by Lysine, Prolin, Alanine and Ariginine.
  • To decompose fat.
  • To organize Hormone.

Improving immunity

Actions by Glutamine and Arginine.
  • To control propagation of virus.
  • To organize immune cells.

Improving concentration

Actions by Tyrosine and Tryptophan.
  • To organize transmitter of brain.
  • To excite brain and to improve concentration.
  • To recover from fatigue.

Increase bone density and improve the liver function

Actions by Tyrosine and Tryptophan.
  • To protect for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • To improve the atopic dermatitis and pollinosis.

As introduced above, MARINE COLLAGEN is very powerful and important material for our beautiful life.

PerelALPHA marine collagen products bring you enriched & moisture skin and healthy life.