Features on "Perlealpha Marine Collagen Gelee Type"

Tasty, easy-to-drink, refresh and elastic collagen as it is. That's "Perlealpha marine collagen gelee type".

You may feel something odor from Animal collagen made from swine or cattle and marine collagen made from salmon skin and bone.

Perlealpha marine collagen is extracted from dried porgy scales which has less odor.
Besides, perlealpha collagen's size is 1/100(=3,000dalton) compared with the normal collagen which means high level of systemic absorption into your body.

Individually-packaged by 10ml which is moderate amount of a day which means all packages remain fresh. Easy to carry and easy to continue in case of going out for traveling or working. Perlealpha marine collagen contribute to keep your beauty and health.

How to take "Perlealpha Marine Collagen Gelee Type"

1-2 packages a day by direct intake. You could enjoy to take mixed with yoghurt, or chill in the refrigerator in the summer time.Drinking 1 to 2 pieces a day is effective.

Perlealpha marine collagen is the healthy food so the nutrient effect doesn't change in taking with other food or beverage.
?Please stop to take in case of disagree to your body.

Manufacturing process of "Perlealpha Marine Collagen Gelee Type"

Ingredients list of "Perlealpha Marine Collagen Gelee Type"

Fish collagen peptide, reduced sugar syrup, acidulate, gelatinizer(polysaccharide thickener), perfume, sweetener(sucralose) and water.

This is the introduction of "Perlealpha Marine Collagen Gelee Type" which is the rich marine collagen extracted from dried porgy scale. Thank you for your attention.