Collagen is classified by Animal collagen and Marine collagen according to the materials.
Animal collagen is extracted from beef and pork and Marine collagen is extracted from fish bone and scale.
PerleALPHA marine collagen is extracted from high quality of fish scale for the safety and faster absorption into the body.
Please refer to the "The reason we recommend PerlALPHA marine collagen for you" for the further information.

Q2. Any chemical reaction for the people under the high blood pressure treatment?

Carcium free in PerleALPHA collagen foods.
So you may not have any ploblem, but please consult with your doctor before taking our collagen food products.

PerelALPHA marine collagen assist you to maintain enriched & moisture skin and healthy life.


Ms. Yuko (24) in Osaka

My mother who took care with her skin very much was using, and the condition seemed to be very good. When I borrowed it, the condition of my skin on the next day was good, so we came to buy it together.
Through using it everyday, I feel much better.
It has no stimulation at all, and it infiltrates into skin without sticky. I had taken time for 100 times of padding my skin before, but now I can feel penetrating into my skin only through pressing by hands.
It is so good that I become uneasy only by this.
Because the sample of the gel cream was also very good, I talked with mother to buy it.

Ms. Miyoko (38) in Tokyo

I bought PerleALPHA Marine extra lotion and gel cream for the first time, and they have become few lefts now.
Three months passed from purchase.
At beginning use, I felt that gel cream and Extra lotion became familiar with the skin softly. I thought they were absorbed truly, but I also used milky lotion for more satisfaction.
However, I can keep my skin moist enough without the milky lotion after three weeks.

The skin is moist from the interior, and the makeup sits well in the morning.
I was said that the outside of the skin was oily, and the inside was dry. I had tried expensive cosmetics variously up to now, but I did not get such good skin that the outside is fresh and inside is moist.
I want to use it continuously in the future. Thank you.

Housewife with a job (34) in Chiba

Because I had been attracted by the watchword gFour in Oneh, I instinctively bought it.
I bought it just for trying first time, but I ordered again now.
Before I bought PerleALPHA Gel cream, I used the beauty liquid, the skin toner, the milky lotion, and cream repeatedly at night.
The surface of a sticky skin was considerably unpleasant for me.
However, PerleALPHA Gel cream is different.
The feeling is froufrou, and the interior of skin is enriched. Also, the skin is slippery when I wash my face.
I enjoy touching my cheek recently.
The good condition of the skin makes me spend happily every day.
I am glad to meet PerleALPHA.

T.M. - Housewife (33) in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city

I use PerleALPHA Marine extra lotion now.
Because my skin is weak, I have tried a lot of skin toners up to now. However, the skin toners makes my skin smart, itchy, and reddened momentarily of putting, so I had had a hard time considerably to search for agreeable to my skin.
I got a sample of PerleALPHA, and tried it at such time.
Although I did not expect at first, my skin did not feel smart, itchy, and reddened in scentless.
The skin type is different each person, but I think it suits for my skin type. So, I kept using it.
It solves the problem that my skin becomes dry and peeled of around mouth in winter.
The condition of my skin is very good for the moisture retention formula. My husband also started to use it after taking bath and shave when he noticed the condition of my skin.
I think that the lotion is suitable for the massage of the face line because of the thickness.
The husband and I are surprised at the infiltration more than thinking together.
I put one on the refrigerator and another on the wash basin.
After taking bath I used the cool lotion on the refrigerator.
It is kind of wired that husband and wife use the same lotion, but I think good o(*^-^*)o~
I recommend the person who has dry skin to put it twice or more.
I do not need other moisture cream nor beauty liquid any more. This one is enough. I am also glad economically š

Ms. Jyunko Kagawa (Nick name) Housewife and clerk (32) in Kanazawa

I used the sample of the lotion which my friend gave me.
It has peculiar slime feeling first, so I irresistibly checked the elements. I assumed it is caused by the algae extract.
After a few days to use it, I am hooked on the feeling of smooth changed from slime feeling. Then, I bought it on the Web site.
The sample of the gel also follows at that time, and I used both the lotion and the gel cream now.

I use only lotion in the morning.
I use both the lotion and gel cream for moisture retention at night.
It made me a beautiful woman of the bare skin by "smooth impression".
Recently, my husband also uses the lotion after shave.
Even my husbandfs skin is itchy; he likes it very much because his skin does not smart.
A lotion is enough for one month even if it was used by two people for good permeability.
I feel it has effects more than the price!

PerelALPHA marine collagen assist you to maintain enriched & moisture skin and healthy life.